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  • The Art of Pool

    Pekcan Havuz is the industry leader in Türkiye with more than 5000 pools
  • Sauna

    Special sauna designs for hotels and villas
  • Spa & Wellness

    Health from water
  • Project Design

    We take into consideration your needs, tastes, preferences and budget

We Design Pools as Special as You

Izmir pool construction company Pekcan Havuz has successfully completed thousands of pool construction projects, especially indoor and outdoor swimming pool construction, for all of Turkey for 29 years. Pekcan, with its leading position among pool construction companies, is one of Turkey's most trusted and longest-serving pool construction companies with a commercial life of more than a quarter of a century. As Pekcan Havuz, we continue to turn the dream pool designs of those who enjoy life into reality. In addition to pool construction projects, we have also designed and completed thousands of original, creative sauna construction, spa & wellness construction and Turkish bath construction projects for our customers.

Our Services

Expert Advice

Certified sales and service professionals answer every question.

On-Site Service

An authorized PEKCAN staff will visit you to conduct a safety assessment of your pool, listen to the problem and provide you with the lowest cost and guaranteed solution.

Free Delivery

Your order is delivered to you free of charge in the region within the activity interludes of PEKCAN pool.Same day delivery for orders up to 10.00 in the morning and next day delivery for orders after 10.00 in the morning.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Beğenmediniz mi? Yanlış ürün mü ? 14 gün içerisinde geri getirin , iade alalım ve değişim yapalım.

Automatic Pool Maintenance Program

Let's automate your pool maintenance for you.

Water Analysis In Our Stores

Bring us a sample of your pool water and we'll do free analysis at our stores.

Safety and training eligibility

Is your pool compatible with all safety practices to be followed ? We can do a program for you.

More than 3000 product lines

In our warehouses you can reach more than 3000 products related to swimming pool, spa – wellness and garden-landscaping.

Personal and pool-specific solutions

Each pool and environment is different.We can prepare a special care program for you.

Product Availability For The Whole Year

In the winter, we do not decrease the variety of products. Whenever you need a product, you can find the product you are looking for from our stores.



We are the leader of the industry with thousands of pools we have built.

It has successfully completed thousands of pool, spa, sauna and Turkish bath projects for 28 years and delivered it to its customers completely.

Pekcan Havuz has a great talent and experience in the game with its team that has been trained together for a long time, especially in the pool. Within 28 years, Pekcan Havuz completed the projects such as olympic, semi-olympic sea pools, which are considered the most difficult to build with large-scale marine tourism, more pools and open sea parks designed for annual hotels, activity pools, game and animation pools, jacuzzi, Thalassotherapy pools, thermal pools, health and shock pools, fitness and sports, floating sea pools and ornamental and landscape pools.

As Pekcan Havuz, apart from pool design and applications, we have carried thousands of different types, requests and types of Spa, Sauna, Steam Bath, Turkish Bath construction projects from imagination to drawing, from drawing to reality in 28 years. Again, among all these projects, we have included jacuzzis, jacuzzi and massage systems, fountains and pool entertainment systems in our projects, together with the applications integrated into the pools and in separate applications.

Pekcan Havuz has not left more than 5000 happy customers alone after all the swimming pools, ornamental pools, landscape pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms, wellness facilities and Turkish Bath projects it has designed, built and built for them. It continued to provide swimming pool maintenance, ornamental pool maintenance, inspection and control services. In addition, thanks to our expert technical staff, we provide our swimming pool, ornamental pool, spa, sauna, steam room, Turkish Bath maintenance services not only for our customers, but also for people and businesses that own all these structures and facilities.

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If you want to have your pool, sauna, steam bath or any of the SPA units built by Pekcan Havuz, we design it for you down to the smallest detail and offer it to your use.

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We prioritize functionality and ease of use while designing systems. We also produce "green energy projects" that save energy. Realizing sustainable projects is one of our biggest goals.

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When designing swimming pools or SPA facilities, we consider your needs, tastes, preferences and budget. We create spaces that are compatible with dreams.

We Build

the Pool of Your Dreams

— Customer-oriented, 100% customer satisfaction-based service approach